Cryptomama predicts popular growth…

Cryptomama predicts popular growth… post thumbnail image

At the same time, he noted that market participants need to think about the instrument’s compliance with regulatory standards.

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Hester Pearce, nicknamed “cryptomama” for his support for the crypto community, predicts an increase in the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFT) by 2022. He shared this opinion in an interview for CoinDesk.

  • Hester Pierce sees potential growth in the number of users of the non-exchangeable token.
  • Cryptomama believes that the positive dynamics of the NFT market in 2022 will be facilitated by the dissemination of information about opportunities to benefit from this type of instrument.
  • Hester Pierce noted that against the backdrop of the proliferation of non-exchangeable tokens, attention should be paid to compliance with their turnover with current regulatory standards.
  • We will remind, analysts of The Block previously paid attention to the fact that the trading volume on the NFT market in 2021 exceeded $ 13 billion, the indicator grew 42.988% year-on-year.

Trading volume on the NFT market. Source: Blok

  • With the growing popularity of non-exchangeable tokens, market participants are starting to launch tools to track their activities. For example, Bitwise has developed an index fund based on the 10 most popular NFT collections.

Previously, information appeared on the network that the auction house “Sotheby’s” earned $ 100 million from the sale of NFT in 2021.

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