Tens of thousands of Robinhood users view…

Tens of thousands of Robinhood users view… post thumbnail image

More than 1.6 million people are on the waiting list for this service.

Robinhood, a cryptocurrency and stock trading platform, plans to release a beta version of its digital wallet in mid-January 2022. The company talks about this on its blog.

“Tens of thousands” of users from the waiting list will have access to test the Robinhood crypto wallet, said COO Christine Brown. More than 1.6 million people are expected to launch a crypto wallet, the message said.

Users will be able to deposit and withdraw bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other tokens, the company said. In beta, the team will focus on user security, as well as educating crypto transactions and increasing clarity around network and gas fees, Brown said.

As a reminder, the platform has been testing the digital wallet functionality in an alpha version since September. In November, the development team did first try translation 420 DOGE… In mid-December, it became known that with its help, users will be able to send cryptocurrencies as gifts.

The number of active users of the trading platform (MAU) at the end of the third quarter was 18.9 million, according to the company. This indicator decreased by 11% compared to the previous quarter. It is also noteworthy that Robinhood’s revenue from cryptocurrency trading in the third quarter of 2021 fell by almost 80%.

Robinhood’s stock price rose less than 1% premarket on the news.

Source: MarketWatch.Read also: how much does Robinhood and Revolut earn from cryptocurrency experts.

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