Russian spending on New Year’s online purchases …

Russian spending on New Year’s online purchases … post thumbnail image

At the same time, previously, many citizens of the Russian Federation planned to reduce spending on holidays.

In the first three weeks of December, Russians spend 25 billion rubles on New Year’s gifts. The indicator turned out to be 84% higher than last year’s results. About this, with reference to the report “SberIndex” wrote RBC.

  • According to analysts, since 2019, the number of Russians who prefer to buy New Year’s gifts online has doubled.
  • The researchers note that citizens of the Russian Federation have acquired the habit of ordering goods in online stores on holiday nights after the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Also in the “SberIndex” draw attention to the shift in the pre-New Year buying “schedule”. If previous users preferred to buy gifts at the end of the month, then in 2021 Russians will start buying from the second half of December.
  • The SberIndex indicator contradicts the results of the Ipsos survey, which its employees conducted at the end of November. Analysts found that about 40% of citizens plan to cut spending on New Year’s gifts. At the same time, many respondents told Ipsos about their plans to transfer shopping to virtual spaces.

We will remind, earlier in the network there was information that “Sberbank” will offer customers “buy now, pay later.”

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