New York skies will appear in Decentraland …

New York skies will appear in Decentraland … post thumbnail image

It will be built by the GrowYourBase and MetaVenture Studios teams.

In the virtual space, Decentraland will build a copy of New York’s One Times Square skyscraper, on the roof where the New Year’s party is held every year in Times Square. Information about this appears in a press release.

  • The initiative is sponsored by investment firm Digital Currency Group (DCG) and real estate-oriented organization Jamestown, which owns One Times Square.
  • Teams GrowYourBase and MetaVenture Studios will work to create a digital copy of the famous metaverse building.
  • The press release says that the developers plan to hold a New Year’s party on the roof of a virtual skyscraper. Representatives of the initiative drew attention to the fact that previous events of such significance and scale were not held in the metaverse.
  • The DCG team noted that setting the ball in a virtual space would allow more people to take part in it. If not everyone can go to New York and get tickets to a real party on the rooftop of One Times Square, then it shouldn’t be that hard to go to an analog show in the metaverse.

We will remind, earlier on the network there was information that the developer of the avatar for the Metaverse Ready Player Me raised $ 13 million.

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