Morgan Stanley Increases Investment…

Morgan Stanley Increases Investment… post thumbnail image

Throughout the year, the company increases its shares based on position.

The volume of investments in the Grayscale bitcoin trust (GBTC) of the European fund of the American investment bank Morgan Stanley – Morgan Stanley Europe’s European Opportunity Fund – accounts for 1% of the assets under its management. This is indicated by the data in the report.

  • Market participants believe that the American investment bank will continue to increase its holdings in GBTC in 2022.
  • The Morgan Stanley team first showed interest in digital assets in early 2021. For example, in March, information appeared on the network about the company’s plans to open access to bitcoin funds to its customers. Work in this direction, according to representatives of Morgan Stanley, is focused on accredited investors.
  • The organization’s team explained their interest in digital assets by the fact that financial instruments are a new asset class for investment. Morgan Stanley drew attention to the fact that cryptocurrencies can be used to diversify an investment portfolio.
  • To strengthen its position, throughout 2021, a team of financial institutions invested in GBTC through the Morgan Stanley Europe Opportunity Fund.

We will caution, Grayscale analysts previously estimated the potential market size of the metaverse.

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