Kazakhstan plans to build a nuclear power plant because…

Kazakhstan plans to build a nuclear power plant because… post thumbnail image

It takes 10 years to create a new power source.

Kazakh authorities plan to build a nuclear power plant (NPP), the republic’s Energy Minister Magzum Mirzagaliyev told reporters.

  • According to him, the country needs nuclear power plants to achieve a balance between electricity production and consumption by 2035. At the same time, the construction of power plants can take about 10 years, the head of the department said.
  • A new power source may appear in the village of Ulken or the city of Kurchatov in the south of the country.

“Ulken looks more attractive in terms of infrastructure availability, as a priority, because there is a north-south power transmission line. In addition, settlements are closer to our main consumers – these are the southern regions, ”the TASS news agency reports Mirzagaliyev.

  • A final decision on the choice of location has yet to be made, the minister said.
  • The main part of Kazakhstan’s electric power is located in the northern part. The southern part of the country has historically been most vulnerable to energy shortages, according to the portal Energybase.ru.

Recall that the problem of electricity shortages in Kazakhstan increased after Chinese mining companies began to move massively to the country. According to the Financial Times, 87,000 cryptocurrency mining machines were transported to Kazakhstan. As a result, the country is second in the ranking of the largest mining centers.

Kazakhstani cryptominer Xive recently closed a large mining farm due to a power shortage.

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