Crypto restaurant opens in Florida…

Crypto restaurant opens in Florida… post thumbnail image

Visitors leave positive reviews about the institution.

Crypto Street Restaurant opens in Florida. The owner, Ricardo Varona, accepts payments for food in any cryptocurrency. The inn has welcomed guests. In parallel, the restaurant team is busy with staff additions.

  • The Crypto Street Restaurant menu is aimed at crypto enthusiasts. The names of many dishes include the names of cryptocurrencies. For example, diners can order classic hot-DOGE fast food. Its name refers to the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

Part of the restaurant menu:

  • The interior of the establishment also includes many references to the digital asset market. In particular, the walls of the restaurant are decorated with a large number of cryptomemes.
  • The first review of this restaurant was positive. Visitors rave about the interior and the quality of the food at Crypto Street Restaurant.
  • Not much is known about the owner of the place. The LinkedIn profile shows that Ricardo Varona previously worked in the food industry. At the same time, he has an education in fintech.

We will remind you, previously on the network there was information that Mastercard used McDonald’s tools to personalize the service.

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