Sequoia Leads Cat DeFi Investment Round …

Sequoia Leads Cat DeFi Investment Round … post thumbnail image

The developers did not say exactly how they plan to use the funds.

DeBank’s DeFi wallet attracts $25 million in investment. The developers have shared information about this on their microblog.

  • The DeBank Investment Round was led by the China division of Sequoia. The project also received funding from Dragonfly, Hash Global, Youbi, Coinbase Venture,, Circle, Ledger and a number of angel investors.
  • The developers did not disclose information about how they will use the funds raised.
  • Against the background of the successful completion of the investment round, the estimated project, according to its representatives, reaches $ 200 million.
  • The DeBank project was founded in 2018 in China. Previously, his representatives had managed to withdraw funds. The platform team did not disclose the exact amount of investment.
  • DeBank is a crypto wallet that offers users various tools to interact with the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). For example, using the platform, you can exchange tokens and manage assets from a portfolio.

Recall that earlier information appeared on the network that the Uniswap DeFi protocol was launched in Polygon.

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