growth of the Russian online trading market in 2021 …

growth of the Russian online trading market in 2021 … post thumbnail image

The pace of development in this direction does not succumb to the early indicators of the pandemic.

The growth of the online trading market in the Russian Federation in 2021 may stop at the level of 40-43%. Kommersant writes about this, with reference to the data of the general director of the information and consulting agency Infoline, Ivan Fedyakov.

  • According to the interlocutors of the publication, the growth rate of the Russian online trading market in 2021 is comparable to that of 2020.
  • The expert drew attention to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic began a year ago. This triggered the transition of many businesses to virtual formats, which positively affected the volume of the online trading market. Despite the fact that in 2021 there will be fewer restrictions on business, the growth rate of the indicator remains unchanged.
  • According to Ivan Fedyakov’s calculations, Wildberry (17.6%) is the leader in the e-commerce segment this year. The leaders also include Ozone, AliExpress Russia, M.Video-Eldorado, DNS, Citylink and Yandex.

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  • That being said, in 2021, many companies are sharing their business development ambitions. For example, Ozone plans to occupy a third of the e-commerce market in Russia.

We will recall that earlier information appeared on the network that the financial sector is leading in the ranking of digitizing sectors of the Russian economy.

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