Electrical engineers initiate the war against …

Electrical engineers initiate the war against … post thumbnail image

There are plans to transfer members of the crypto community to commercial rates.

Irkutsk electrical engineers drew attention to frequent accidents on power lines. According to them, the problem is caused by the miners. Kommersant wrote about this.

  • Irkutsk electrical engineers noted that many miners mine cryptocurrency in apartment buildings. Due to the equipment installed by them, the pressure on the power transmission network increases, which leads to their breakdown.
  • To solve this problem, local electrical engineers wanted to transfer miners to commercial rates and start improving the reliability of the network.
  • Previously, representatives of Irkutskenergosbyt caught the attention of members of the crypto community who mine cryptocurrencies in private homes. Electrical engineers managed to transfer many miners to commercial rates through the courts.
  • The Irkutskenergosbyt experience is planned to be implemented throughout Russia. Electrical engineers intend to calculate the new rates, taking into account the needs of miners. Illegal members of the crypto community, at the same time, are offered to go to jail.

Recall that against the background of pressure from the Chinese authorities on miners, Russia entered the 3 largest centers for the production of cryptocurrencies.

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