analysts call the most profitable asset …

analysts call the most profitable asset … post thumbnail image

This study also provides information about the most unprofitable investments in the coming year.

Most importantly in 2021 get investors investing in bitcoins, new buildings and shares of the American stock market. Izvestia wrote about this with reference to the FinExpertiza study.

  • To calculate the return on an asset, the analyst measures its return under the following conditions: purchases at the beginning of the year and sales in December.
  • For the second year in a row, bitcoin turned out to be the most profitable asset. Taking into account the payment of income tax, those who invested in cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the year could earn about 65.6% of the profits.

bitcoin chart. Chart showing cryptocurrency values, as of January 1, 2021. Source: TradingView

  • Market participants who have invested in new buildings are also lucky. The cost per square meter of such housing in 2021, on average, increased by 33%. Resale of new buildings purchased at the beginning of the year, according to analysts, brought investors about 28.7% of the profits.
  • The third place in terms of profitability is occupied by shares of American securities. Those who buy it in 2021 can earn around 25.7%.
  • Gold, euro and OFZ investments turned out to be the least profitable in 2021. Their profitability did not change or show negative values.
  • Analysts also criticized ruble deposits. Bank interest rates, according to the study authors, cannot even cover inflation.

We will remind, previously information appeared on the network that in 2021 the crypto industry will attract more investment than in history.

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