Two billionaires come out to support…

Two billionaires come out to support… post thumbnail image

Ray Dalio wants to buy NFT, and the owner of a Mexican retail chain has been pushing for investment in bitcoin.

Billionaire Ray Dalio, founder of US investment firm Bridgewater Associates, has expressed his desire to acquire NFT. He stated this in a podcast with Lex Friedman.

“We are entering the era of competition [разных видов] money. This is due to the printing of banknotes and their depreciation in value, “- said the American billionaire.

  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will also compete with fiat and cryptocurrencies, according to Dalio. NFT can also be in the form of money, he said.

“I want to buy NFT as a trial,” Dalio replied when asked about holding non-exchangeable tokens.

  • Dalio does not believe that the price of bitcoin can reach the $1 million mark. According to his analysis, the largest cryptocurrency is worth about 20% of gold.

  • According to Coinmarketcap, the cryptocurrency market volume at the time of publication was $2.4 trillion. Gold market estimates range from $9.2 trillion to $13.8 trillion.

  • Another billionaire, Mexico’s third-biggest man, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has released a New Year’s message. In it, Pliego recommends giving up fiat money and buying bitcoins.

  • The owner of the Grupo Elektra chain of stores, Ricardo Pliego, started investing in major cryptocurrencies in 2013. Last year, he invested 10% of his investment portfolio in bitcoin. In early September, the billionaire announced that his retail giant Grupo Elektra would add support for payments in BTC.

As a reminder, in June, Ray Dalio called the digital yuan a “very viable alternative” for investors.

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