The first digital passport will appear in Russia …

The first digital passport will appear in Russia … post thumbnail image

The regulator does not intend to force Russia to forcibly change the format of the document.

The Russian authorities want to launch a pilot for issuing digital passports by 2023. RIA Novosti wrote about this with reference to the words of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The regulator plans to launch pilots in the Moscow, Moscow and Tatarstan regions. The developer describes the choice of areas with a high degree of technological readiness for such a test. At the same time, Dmitry Chernyshenko drew attention to the fact that the first recipients of the new form of the document will be able to use it throughout Russia.

Representatives of the initiative noted that the technical test of the digital passport component has been successfully completed. The developers plan to complete training for pilots by the end of 2022.

Dmitry Chernyshenko recalls that the document in the new format will be an analogue of an electronic bank card, on which a person’s personal data and his photo will be applied.

Example of e-passport

It is possible to enter additional information into his memory. For example, a smart card, in addition to passport data, may contain records of other documents, including TIN and SNIL.

Card security will provide multiple layers of protection. In particular, the developer has included a tool that will protect users from possible counterfeiting of digital passports.

The regulator does not plan to completely transfer the country to the new document format. Obtaining a digital passport, according to representatives of the initiative, will be a personal choice.

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People don’t agree

Netizens reacted negatively to the information. Many believe that the emergence of digital passports will have a negative impact on the level of security of clients of financial institutions. This format of the document, according to them, will help fraudsters to steal money. We will remind, earlier that the Central Bank came to the conclusion that they began to steal more from the clients of Russian banks. At the same time, Russia is now less likely to compensate for their losses.

Also, many netizens doubted that obtaining a digital version of the passport would be voluntary.

Netizens’ comments

Recall that in parallel, the regulator of the Russian Federation is developing a digital ruble. Analysts recently talked about how the launch of financial instruments could affect Russian banks.

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