The Bank of Russia found a way to suppress …

The Bank of Russia found a way to suppress … post thumbnail image

Market participants will help regulators to implement these initiatives.

The Bank of Russia intends to begin collecting data from controlled organizations on transfers between individuals in the Russian Federation. About this, with reference to information received from interlocutors, writes RBC.

  • According to the newspaper, the Central Bank has sent forms to controlled organizations to fill out reports on individual transfers. Banks will be required to submit information to regulators.
  • Central Banks, among other things, are interested in the details of operations. The report, which will be transferred by the controlled organization to the regulator, will include the personal data of market participants.
  • The information received, according to the interlocutors of the edition, is used by the Central Bank to withdraw money transfers from the gray zone. In particular, we are talking about paying for business services to an entrepreneur’s personal card. Also, gathering information will help regulators fight cryptocurrency exchangers.
  • Recall that at the end of 2021, information appeared on the network that the Bank of Russia plans to prohibit citizens of the Russian Federation from investing in digital assets. The policy of the regulator was criticized by factional leaders in the State Duma and the party “Fair Russia – For Truth”, the head of the Socialist-Revolutionary Sergei Mironov.

Previously, information appeared on the network that Russians may be prohibited from replenishing the deposits of crypto exchanges.

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