hackers use Hewlett Pack servers…

hackers use Hewlett Pack servers… post thumbnail image

The attacker mined tokens for $80.5K and has withdrawn half of the funds.

An unknown person hacked the server of the Hewlett Packard (HP) company and used it to mine the cryptocurrency Raptoreum (RTM). Tom’s Hardware Portal tells this with a link to the token developer.

  • To gain access to HP servers, attackers exploited a vulnerability in the Java Log4j library. The corporation uses 9000 EPYC servers based on AMD chips – some of the most powerful on the market, according to the portal.

  • Cryptocurrency developer Raptoreum was the first to discover the hack. They saw an abnormal spike in the hash rate on December 9. The indicator has grown from the usual 200 mega hashes per second for networks to 400 mega hashes per second. At the same time, only one address includes 100-200 additional units.

‚ÄúDuring the attack, multiple servers were compromised, each of which dumped massive amounts of hash power onto highly sophisticated server hardware. Very few organizations in the world have such equipment,” Raptoreum’s lead developer told the media.

  • HP Corporation hardware was used to mine RTM tokens between December 9-17. So far, hackers were able to extract about 3.4 million RTM worth about $80.5 thousand.

  • Servers of other tech companies, including Microsoft, AMD, Intel and Nvidia, are also at risk, Overlockers reports. It was also reported that some of the compromised servers were still mining cryptocurrencies at low power.

  • It is known that 1.5 million tokens (~$35K) were cashed through the crypto exchange CoinEx. The rest of the tokens remain in the attacker’s wallet.

  • The price of the cryptocurrency Raptoreum has fallen 12% over the past 3 days.

Source: Coinmarketcap.

This is not the first time the equipment of a large company has been used for cryptocurrency mining. Recall that in November, experts discovered malicious software for mining on Alibaba and Huawei servers, as well as Google Cloud.

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