Centralized Crypto Exchange in 2021…

Centralized Crypto Exchange in 2021… post thumbnail image

The indicator turned out to be 689% higher than last year’s results.

By 2021, trading volume on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) will exceed $14 trillion. The indicator, according to the observations of analysts The Block, turned out to be a record.

Centralized crypto exchange trading volume. Source: Blok

  • Compared to 2020, the trading volume of crypto exchanges has grown by 689%.
  • Binance remains the largest digital asset exchange. It accounts for about 67% of 2021 trading volume. In dollar terms, the figure is $9.5 trillion.
  • The peak of transaction volume growth at CEX in 2021 was recorded in May. This month, the figure reached $2.23 trillion. After the trading volume of centralized crypto exchanges underwent a correction. The indicator started to decline amid regulatory pressure from Chinese authorities on the crypto industry.
  • The next growth boom was recorded in November 2021. This month, bitcoin has updated its maximum value at $68,789. As of this writing, cryptocurrencies are trading 25% cheaper ($50,948).

We will remind, analysts of The Block previously said that by 2021 the trading volume of decentralized crypto exchanges will exceed $1 trillion.

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