The first senator to become a crypto investor in the US…

The first senator to become a crypto investor in the US… post thumbnail image

The presentation of the document is scheduled for 2022.

The first US senator to publicly talk about her investments in cryptocurrencies, Cynthia Lammis, has drafted a bill to increase the clarity of digital asset regulation. Bloomberg wrote about it.

  • The politician plans to submit the bill in 2022. In it, Cynthia Lammis includes many aspects related to digital asset market regulation. In particular, the document touches on the peculiarities of taxation of participants in the crypto community.
  • According to the Senator’s assistant, the bill could be a direct instruction to action for US regulators. In it, the authorities will find answers to most of the questions regarding the establishment of an effective legal environment for the digital asset market.
  • The bill also includes rules for the classification of digital assets. Their adoption, among other things, would help resolve the conflict between the SEC and Ripple.
  • Another point that Cynthia Lummis considers in the document is the rules for issuing stablecoins. Recall that “stable” cryptocurrencies and their development potential turned out to be one of the main topics for discussion in the regulatory environment in 2021.

We will remind, previously Cynthia Lammis criticized Hillary Clinton’s statement that Russia and China can use cryptocurrencies to destabilize the US dollar.

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