Sberbank begins to deliver food products …

Sberbank begins to deliver food products … post thumbnail image

The service will be available in select regions until December 26.

Sber’s food delivery service, SberMarket, has started delivering orders on dog sleds. Information about this appeared in the media.

  • This form of delivery appeared in the Irkutsk region and on Mount Mamai, which is located on the southern shore of Lake Baikal. Representatives of the initiative drew attention to the fact that dogs help to deliver goods to places where cars cannot pass.
  • Local residents will be able to use this SberMarket submission format until December 26th.
  • The team consists of Husky dogs. They can carry small loads.
  • To manage the team, SberMarket couriers are trained by mushers.
  • Representatives of the company drew attention to the fact that this format of delivery is implemented within the framework of the campaign, the task of which is to draw attention to the issue of housing large breed dogs.
  • The transport of goods on dog sleds was preceded by the launch of the Sber delivery service in Belarus.

As a reminder, in mid-December information appeared on the Internet that Ozon had launched competitors to the express delivery services Yandex, Sberbank and VK.

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