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The project’s native token rate shows positive dynamics against the background of news releases.

The DeFi-protocol Uniswap, presented on the market of the decentralized crypto exchange of the same name, was launched on the Polygon project network. Information about this appears on the platform’s microblog.

  • Polygon is a scalable Ethereum platform. The developer published a proposal to transfer Uniswap to it by the end of November 2021. According to the results of the vote, the results of which were published on the project microblog, it was decided to launch the protocol on the Polygon network.
  • Also, against the backdrop of the update, users of the decentralized crypto exchange get access to the token exchange on the Polygon blockchain through the official interface. At the same time, working on the basis of a scaling-oriented Ethereum platform, according to the developer, will help reduce commissions for performing operations.
  • The Polygon Network launches the third version (v3) of the Uniswap protocol. He, at the time of writing, occupies a leading position in the market for decentralized crypto exchanges in terms of total transaction volume.

Transaction volume statistics on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Source: Blok

  • Against the backdrop of the launch of Uniswap on the Polygon network, the native token level of the Ethereum scaling-oriented platform – MATIC – shows positive dynamics.
MATIC course chart. Source: TradingView

Recall that in September, information appeared on the network that the American SEC was investigating the work of the Uniswap decentralized exchange.

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