The head of the Social Revolutionaries criticized the Bank of Russia for …

The head of the Social Revolutionaries criticized the Bank of Russia for … post thumbnail image

According to him, regulators need to change attitudes towards digital assets.

Russia needs to legalize cryptocurrencies. At the same time, state authorities need to work to accelerate the release of digital versions of national currencies. This opinion was shared by the leader of the faction in the State Duma and the party “Fair Russia – For Truth”, the head of the Socialist-Revolutionary Sergei Mironov. RIA Novosti wrote about this, with reference to the information received from the press service of the representative.

  • Sergei Mironov criticized the Bank of Russia’s harsh position in relation to cryptocurrencies.
  • According to the deputy, the rhetoric chosen by the Central Bank, which he called a “cave”, hindered the development of promising technologies in the country related to the digital asset market. This situation, according to Sergei Mironov, makes the Russian Federation dependent on Western payment systems.

“We must take the lead in this promising technology, not shut ourselves off from it. Cryptocurrencies will help not only to do without the SWIFT payment system, but also to build fundamentally new schemes for financing businesses and industries bypassing banks, ”the deputy was sure.

  • According to Sergei Mironov, the country also needs a digital ruble. He believes that financial instruments can save the Russian Federation from corruption.

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The deputy shared his opinion on what is happening against the background of the appearance of messages on the network that the Bank of Russia is considering introducing a ban on cryptocurrencies.

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