in 2021, crypto companies are pulling …

in 2021, crypto companies are pulling … post thumbnail image

Analysts drew attention to the fact that the number of such transactions increased by 126% year-on-year.

Crypto companies are increasing record venture funding volumes in 2021. The indicator, according to The Block, is stalling at around $25.1 billion.

The volume of venture funds withdrawn by crypto companies. Source: Blok

  • The total volume of venture capital investments in crypto companies, compared to 2020, increased by 719%.
  • According to analysts, by 2021, more than 1,700 transactions related to providing venture funds to crypto companies were listed on the digital asset market. The indicator, compared to last year’s results, increased by 126%.
  • The block also draws attention to the fact that by 2021, many companies associated with the digital asset market will receive unicorn status. This includes FTX, Alchemy, TaxBit and Dune Analytics.
  • Previously, similar information about this year’s results, with reference to PitchBook statistics, was provided by Bloomberg. According to analysts, the crypto industry raised $30 billion from venture capital funds in 2021.
  • PitchBook attributes the positive dynamic to the active development of NFT and other related fields.

Earlier, the Financial Times also gave its assessment of the 2021 results. The publication highlighted the fact that this year market participants recorded a boom in IPOs in India.

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