Hacker Hacks Two NFT Discord Channels -…

Hacker Hacks Two NFT Discord Channels -… post thumbnail image

Fraudsters are taking advantage of a failure in Grape’s user verification service.

Hong Kong-based NFT project Monkey Kingdom has announced a hack into its Discord account. Hackers managed to get $ 1.3 million directly from its users.

  • According to the developer, hackers took advantage of the failure of Grape, a user verification service on the Solana blockchain. Then the attacker hacked into the project’s Discord channel administrator account and placed a phishing link in it. They also write to users in private messages before the start of the sale.

  • Project participants get to the NFT promised site after entering wallet data. As a result, users transferred 7056 SOL (~$1.3 million) to scammers and did not receive tokens.

  • The founders of Monkey Kingdom also reported that the Grape crash also affected another NFT project, the Fractal platform. According to the press release, 373 project participants lost about 863 SOL (~ $154K).

  • Both projects have announced reimbursement of all lost funds and have started payments.

  • Grape service developers reported that they discovered the hack after 7 days. The problem only affects Discord servers and is not wallet related.

  • Against the backdrop of the news, the SOL token rate fell by 3.4%.

Source: Coinmarketcap.

Recall that recently, users of the Grim Finance decentralized project lost $30 million as a result of the “reentry exploit”.

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