Electricity tariffs are being reformed in Russia …

Electricity tariffs are being reformed in Russia … post thumbnail image

Power engineers are faced with the need to make adjustments.

Mining activity in Russia is the reason for the reform of electricity tariffs in the country. Kommersant wrote about this.

Regional regulatory authorities will be allowed to independently determine the volume of electricity consumption at preferential rates. The calculation method has not yet been determined. According to representatives of the Federal Antitrust Service and the Ministry of Energy, changes are needed to combat improper consumption of electricity.

How miners ended up in Russia

In 2021, Russia entered the 3 largest cryptocurrency mining centers based on the hashrate concentration (the total amount of computing equipment power connected to the cryptocurrency network to mine it) of the most capitalized digital asset – bitcoin.

Largest mining hub, by cumulative hashrate, as of August 2021. Source: University of Cambridge Study, visualization – FT

Miners drew attention to Russia against the backdrop of pressure from Chinese authorities on representatives of the crypto community. The Russian Federation turned out to be of interest to participants in the crypto industry for a number of reasons, among which they can be distinguished as follows:

  • Low electricity costs.
  • Suitable climate.
  • Presence of necessary infrastructure for operation.

Many miners turned their attention to Siberia. The low temperatures in the region help save on refrigeration equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. At the same time, in many Siberian cities there are favorable proposals for the placement of installations. In fact, the area has many abandoned factories and other buildings suitable for mining businesses.

Miner conflict with electrical engineer

Miners who, for one reason or another, choose Russia for work, can connect their equipment to the power grid intended for domestic needs. The level of electricity consumption by members of the crypto community turned out to be much higher than the indicators of ordinary citizens. At the same time, due to the lack of clearly defined instructions for registering miners in the law, electrical engineers for a long time served them on par with ordinary users.

Irkutskenergosbyt was one of the first to try to solve the problem. Electrical engineers began to sue miners who used electricity for household needs for commercial purposes. Irkutskenergosbyt managed to win many cases. As a result, electrical engineers can transfer some miners to commercial rates.

According to Kommersant, the experience of colleagues from Irkutsk was used by representatives of other regions. Here’s how it works: once the new tariff is set, users who exceed that rate will be forced to pay higher prices for electricity.

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Recall that in mid-December 2021, illegal miners in Russia are threatened with imprisonment.

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