The Kraken is hosting one of the largest in history…

The Kraken is hosting one of the largest in history… post thumbnail image

The trading platform solution allows its clients to refuse to transfer access keys to cryptocurrencies during their staking.

Crypto exchange Kraken bought non-custodial startup Staked, focused on developing tools for staking cryptocurrencies. Information about this appears in a press release.

  • The parties did not disclose details of the deal. At the same time, the Kraken team is paying attention to the fact that the purchase of Staked has become one of the largest transactions of this kind in the crypto industry.
  • Against the backdrop of startup acquisitions, crypto exchanges will develop new staking products and expand the number of proof-of-stake networks supported by the platform.
  • Also, with the purchase of Staked, the Kraken team offers its clients a number of additional tools to make money in the staking market. In particular, platform users may refuse to transfer keys to access assets to third parties during their work.

“Not your keys – not your cryptocurrency” is a popular phrase in the crypto community. Kraken, as a provider of services and tools for secure access to digital assets, does not adhere to this philosophy. At the same time, we respect the opinions of our clients, who, on the other hand, find them appropriate. We also respect their right to keep cryptocurrencies themselves. With acquisition background [Staked], our clients get more options to choose tools to manage their assets while staking cryptocurrencies on Kraken,” – this is how representatives of crypto exchanges commented on the project’s need for Staked tools.

Recall that many members of the crypto community are protesting the transfer of access keys to cryptocurrencies to third-party platforms, as part of the annual Proof of Keys campaign. Learn more about him from our materials.

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