SEBA Bank will offer clients tools…

SEBA Bank will offer clients tools… post thumbnail image

The solution will help organizational users bypass job boundaries in the decentralized finance segment.

The digital asset-oriented Swiss bank SEBA will offer its clients tools from the institutional arm of the DeFi Aave platform – Arc. Information about this appears on the project website.

  • The Aave Arc platform is targeted at institutional investors. To gain access to the tool, the SEBA team applied to have the bank whitelisted for the project.
  • The work based on Aave Arc, according to representatives of the Swiss bank, will help financial institutions to remove restrictions that prevent their clients from accessing the liquidity of the DeFi platform.
  • The SEBA team took note of the fact that many difficulties faced by project users were related to regulatory restrictions in various jurisdictions. Aave Arc will help clients of financial institutions gain access to revenue on DeFi, in compliance with regulatory authority requirements.
  • SEBA believes this collaboration will benefit the Aave community. The bank team explains its point of view by the fact that the entry of financial institution clients to the platform’s instruments, due to the injection of institutional capital, will accelerate the growth of the total volume of blocked funds for the DeFi protocol. Also, providing SEBA clients with access to Arc, they believe in the bank, will increase Aave’s profitability.
  • Against the background of news releases, the rate of the native token of the DeFi project (AAVE) shows positive dynamics.
AAVE chart. Source: TradingView

As a reminder, in September 2021 SEBA became the first Swiss cryptobank whose team managed to secure a FINMA custodial license.

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