Mastercard using McDona tools…

Mastercard using McDona tools… post thumbnail image

Company representatives decided to apply the successful experiences of other market participants in their work.

Payment system Mastercard bought Israeli startup Dynamic Yield from fast food chain McDonald’s. Information about this appears in a press release.

  • The Dynamic Yield team develops AI-powered solutions. McDonald’s uses a startup tool to manage menu selections. Dynamic Yield helps fast food chain customers choose a position based on time and other factors. At the same time, startup tools analyze restaurant workload levels to offer customers the best choice.
  • CNBC drew attention to the fact that three years ago, the purchase of Dynamic Yield was for McDonald’s one of the biggest deals of the past two decades. According to the publication, Mastercard bought the Israeli startup for the same price the fast food chain paid for it.
  • The parties did not disclose the terms of the agreement. According to a CNBC spokesperson, Dynamic Yield could cost Mastercard $300 million.
  • The payment system plans to use startup tools to personalize its services.

“The experience of Dynamic Yield, coupled with the scale of our business and our relationship with customers, will allow us to increase the level of communication between end consumers and Mastercard customers,” – this is how payment system representatives commented on purchases started.

We will remind you, earlier on the network there was information that Mastercard found a way to regulate crypto payments in the Asia-Pacific region.

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