Hacking the NFT Market Twitch Founders…

Hacking the NFT Market Twitch Founders… post thumbnail image

Scammers manage to earn money from platform users using Discord.

Twitch founder Justin Kahn’s NFT Fractal Market has been hacked. Information about this appears on the project’s blog, as well as on the developer’s Twitter.

  • According to representatives of Fractal, scammers managed to gain access to NFT market assets by hacking bots in the Discord program, which supports messenger functionality.
  • Cybercriminals send market users a link to a fake site, with their help lure about 800 SOL (about $ 150 thousand) from the victims.
  • According to the developer, scammers managed to deceive 373 people, or about 3% of Fractal subscribers. The marketplace team intends to return the money to all users affected by the hacker’s actions.
  • In the midst of the incident, the developer blocked the Discord channel and urged viewers not to click on suspicious links. Also, project representatives pay attention to the fact that, unlike scammers, they do not urge users to transfer cryptocurrencies within the framework of airdrops.
  • Keep in mind that Fractal is a non-exchangeable token-focused marketplace. Developers have built a platform on the Solana blockchain. The official market launch is scheduled for December 24, 2021.

Recall that previously information appeared on the network that hackers had hacked the NFT market from the top 10.

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