The State Duma calculates how much Russian money …

The State Duma calculates how much Russian money … post thumbnail image

Information about this appeared against the background of rumors about the possible introduction of a ban on investment in digital assets in the Russian Federation.

Russian investments in cryptocurrencies stopped at about 5 trillion rubles. This information, according to TASS, during a speech at parliamentary hearings in the State Duma, was shared by the head of the committee of the lower house of parliament on financial markets, Anatoly Aksakov.

  • According to the deputy, unqualified investors also showed interest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Anatoly Aksakov urged regulators to determine their stance on financial instruments. If the authorities take the path of banning cryptocurrencies, according to the deputy, legislators will need to “assign responsibilities somewhat rigidly” for carrying out illegal transactions with digital assets.
  • Information about how much money Russians spend on cryptocurrencies attracted the attention of the Bank of Russia in October 2021. It should be noted that in mid-December there were reports in the media that the regulator was planning to prohibit Russian citizens from investing in new financial instruments.
  • Not all representatives of the Bank of Russia believe that the introduction of any restrictions will become a serious obstacle to the purchase of digital assets by Russians. For example, Elizaveta Danilova, director of the department of financial stability of the Central Bank, is sure that citizens of the Russian Federation, if necessary, will find tools to buy cryptocurrencies from foreign intermediaries.

We will recall, earlier that former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Russia and China could use cryptocurrencies to destabilize the US dollar.

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