The State Duma is preparing a new blacklist for …

The State Duma is preparing a new blacklist for … post thumbnail image

The changes will form part of the rollout of the Know Your Customer platform.

The State Duma is preparing a bill on the formation of a dropper list. It should be part of the Central Bank’s Know Your Customer (KYC) anti-money laundering platform. About this, with reference to the words of the head of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets Anatoly Aksakov, writes Kommersant.

  • If the bill is approved, the banks of the Russian Federation will be required to create a dropper list. This category includes clients of financial institutions, through whose accounts stolen funds are withdrawn and other illegal operations are carried out.
  • The State Duma believes that dropper activity can be limited through the introduction of new rules for conducting operations. They want to limit those market participants in their actions. To make a transaction, if the bill is approved, droppers must visit a financial institution and present a passport.
  • Anatoly Aksakov drew attention to the fact that the project involves informing bank customers who will be suspected.
  • The State Duma plans to prepare documents with appropriate amendments to the law by early 2022. The changes, according to the authors of the initiative, will strengthen the position of regulators in the fight against money laundering.
  • Previously, the Bank of Russia sent a request to controlled organizations to provide information about the shutdown operations they identified. As part of the initiative, the regulator, among other things, asked financial organizations to share methods for detecting such transfers.

Let us remind you that earlier information appeared on the network that the Bank of Russia recorded a record volume of transfers from Russia to the CIS in 6 years.

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