Russia wants to recalculate tariffs for e…

Russia wants to recalculate tariffs for e… post thumbnail image

The current bill payment rules do not take into account the pressure members of the crypto community are putting on the industry.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency mining in Russia has become a reason for electrical engineers to revise current rates. Information about this appears on Kommersant.

  • In the fall of 2021, Russia entered the 3 largest cryptocurrency mining centers. This is facilitated by pressure from Chinese authorities on members of the crypto community. Many miners from China were forced to move to other countries to continue working. Some of them are selected by the Russian Federation.
  • As a result, Russia is facing increasing pressure on the energy sector. Many miners have connected their equipment to networks designed for residents’ household needs. The situation does not suit the electrical engineer.
  • Irkutskenergosbyt launched a war against miners. Electrical engineers are starting to sue members of the crypto community. Representatives of the organization have won several cases. As a result of the process, Irkutskenergosbyt was able to transfer miners to commercial rates.
  • According to Kommersant, the experience of electrical engineers from the Irkutsk region is planned to be used in other regions. According to a representative of the Energy Producers’ Council, the changes could affect users using volumes “beyond reasonable for domestic consumption.”
  • Recall that in November 2021, the State Duma decided to form a working group to legalize cryptocurrency mining in the Russian Federation. This initiative was approved by several Russian ministries.

It is noteworthy that earlier information appeared on the network that the Central Bank wants to prohibit Russians from investing in cryptocurrencies.

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