Coinbase Develops Tools For Men…

Coinbase Develops Tools For Men… post thumbnail image

With their help, users will be able to comfortably travel through the virtual world.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase developed tools with which platform users can enter the world of the metaverse. Information about this appears on the project blog.

  • In particular, Coinbase develops tools to identify users in the virtual world. To create it, representatives of the platform plan to use the non-equal token (NFT) capabilities.

β€œAt Coinbase, we want to help unify all elements of identity – essentially creating identity as we enter the Metaverse,” writes the Coinbase blog.

  • The development of crypto exchanges, according to its representatives, will allow users to “carry” unique identifiers through different virtual worlds.
  • To this end, Coinbase, among other things, created tools to acquire avatars and create digital profiles. The project team is also developing technologies for rapid entry into metaverse applications.
  • As a reminder, Coinbase is betting on NFT after a failed Q3 2021 settlement. According to the head of crypto exchange Brian Armstrong, the company’s division of non-exchangeable tokens could, over time, outgrow its crypto business. As part of the Coinbase initiative, it plans to launch an NFT marketplace with elements of a social network.

We will remind you, earlier on the network there was information that Coinbase entered into a partnership agreement with the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas.

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