Sberbank shares its plans for the development of the ecosystem …

Sberbank shares its plans for the development of the ecosystem … post thumbnail image

Also, company representatives talked about the future of their non-financial business.

Sberbank can sell some businesses in its ecosystem. This was conveyed by the head of the financial organization German Gref in his remarks at the Investor Day event.

The Sber chief noted that the company he controls plans to sell part of its ecosystem business. At the same time, bankers draw attention to the fact that financial institutions have already begun to fulfill the plan. For example, at the end of November 2021, Sber’s stake in the company controlling VK returned to Gazprombank. What other businesses the organization wants to sell, its representatives did not specify.

German Gref also drew attention to the fact that the company plans to take part of its business on the stock exchange. Currently, the Sberbank team, according to him, is drawing up a plan to implement the initiative.

Another work area of ​​​​financial organizations in the near future is the incorporation of key assets in the field of e-commerce. Alexandra Buriko, head of Sberbank’s financial unit, stated this as part of her speech at Investor Day.

Bankers draw attention to the fact that combining several key assets in the e-commerce field will allow the company to achieve maximum efficiency. In particular, working in the indicated direction will open up opportunities for Sberbank to save money on attracting and retaining customers.

Among other initiatives, bank representatives highlighted plans for developing non-financial businesses in CIS countries. Among other things, we are talking about the market that Sberbank has successfully entered.

Investor Day is also an opportunity for organizational teams to share a number of financial indicators with the audience, including the following:

  • Sber’s net profit in 2021 will be around RUB 1.2 trillion.
  • The return on equity of the financial organization, at the end of the year, will be more than 23%.

According to German Gref, “Sberbank” entered the new year “in good resourced condition”. This situation, according to bankers, makes financial institutions ready to face possible challenges.

Representatives of Sberbank also drew the attention of users to the following plans:

  • The Company intends to comply with a dividend payment policy of 50% of net income. The implementation of the plan, according to bankers, will be facilitated by a high return on equity.
  • Sberbank will operate according to the annual dividend payment format. The bankers, they argue, have not considered the option of intermediary transfers.

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We will remind, previous analysts of financial organizations came to the conclusion that the volume of cyber fraud in Russia has reached its maximum.

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