Opera has launched the BNPL extension for users…

Opera has launched the BNPL extension for users… post thumbnail image

The fintech partner of the web browser developer is British startup Butter.

The installment payment extension (BNPL) will appear in the Opera browser, the Internet browser developer said. The company’s partner will be British fintech startup Butter.

  • The extension is available to users in the UK, the platform said. The company plans to improve services to users around the world, said Paul Andrews, vice president of Opera.

“The Butter extension can be activated if and when the user wishes to enable BNPL functionality for these online purchases,” the company said in a press release.

  • Opera has chosen the Butter BNPL provider because it complies with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and there are no late fees.

  • The Fintech Butter startup was founded in 2017 and received FCA-regulated organization status that same year. The BNPL platform is used by 100 thousand clients.

  • Installment plans are part of Opera’s e-commerce strategy. Recall that in February, the company launched the fintech app Diify, which combines the functionality of an e-wallet and a cashback service.

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It is noteworthy that users of the Microsoft browser reacted negatively to the news about the implementation of the BNPL functionality. Many of them call the functions “revenue grabbing” and “malware”, and also ask to remove the service from the browser.

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