Meta will pay to find loopholes for illegal…

Meta will pay to find loopholes for illegal… post thumbnail image

The organization’s team offers developers to make money by finding bugs.

Meta (formerly Facebook) is expanding its bounty program to identify more vulnerabilities in the metaverse. Write about this TechCrunch.

  • Meta developers have offered a bounty for finding bugs in the metaverse, with the help of scammers who can collect platform data. Such activities allow computer programs to extract information from resources for further use for their own purposes.
  • Among other things, users who find records that have been extracted from Meta on the network will be able to receive rewards. A public database containing at least 100K unique user records is suitable for developer requirements. These are databases with personal information or confidential information such as email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, religious or political affiliations.

“We are looking for vulnerabilities that would allow attackers to bypass automated data collection (parsing) limitations to access records on a larger scale than originally intended,” said Meta security manager Dan Gurfinkle of the expansion of the bounty program.

  • For each bug, the developer promises to pay at least $ 500.
  • As a reminder, in 2019, Meta was in the middle of a scandal over the use of platform data by consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to interfere in the presidential election.

The launch of Meta metaverse is only known at the end of October 2021. For the first time, information that the company will move towards the development of virtual spaces appeared on the network in August 2021.

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