Auction house “Sotheby’s” acquired from pro …

Auction house “Sotheby’s” acquired from pro … post thumbnail image

Representatives of the company drew attention to the fact that financial instruments attract new users to the platform.

Auction house “Sotheby’s” revenue from the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in 2021 totals $100 million. Blok wrote about this, with reference to reports received from representatives of the platform.

  • Sotheby’s entered the non-exchangeable token market in the spring of 2021. During this time, a large number of exclusive NFTs have been sold on the platform. For example, in June, Sotheby’s implemented the first non-fungible token. Moments later, in July 2021, NFT went under the auction house’s hammer with the original Internet code.
  • The report, which a Sotheby’s representative shared with the publication, states that around 78% of non-exchangeable token buyers have not previously used the platform’s services. Also, the auction house team paid attention to the fact that about half of the users who bought NFT with their help were under 40 years old.
  • Amid the growing popularity of non-exchangeable tokens, Sotheby’s representatives launched the Metaverse platform. Its users are given the opportunity to buy NFTs, overseen by auction houses, for Ethereum, bitcoin, USDC stablecoins, or fiat.
  • Also, the Sotheby’s team, following user requests, suggested that bidders pay several lots on the native platform in cryptocurrency. The team of the popular Coinbase crypto exchange helped the auction house launch the functionality to accept payments in digital assets.

Against the background of the publication of the Sotheby’s report, information appeared on the network that the platform plans to hold an IPO in 2022. Bloomberg wrote about this, referring to information received from sources.

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