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The tense geopolitical situation and the coronavirus can destroy the plans of domestic organizations.

More than ten Russian companies will go public in 2022. About this, with reference to information received from analysts, writes Reuters.

  • According to the estimates of several interlocutors of the publication, about 25 companies from the Russian Federation are preparing for an IPO. This point of view, among others, is shared by the head of the EM consulting organization Tom Blackwell. At the same time, he did not rule out that not all market participants will be able to implement the listing plan.
  • Experts draw attention to the fact that some domestic companies may be conducting IPOs overseas.
  • According to the interlocutors of the publication, the list was planned by agricultural, pharmaceutical organizations, as well as representatives of the construction industry.
  • Analysts highlight the fact that the company’s plans to enter an IPO may be hampered by the tense geopolitical situation. In particular, market participants, according to experts, may lose their IPOs due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Another obstacle to the placement of domestic companies, the informant believes, may be the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on financial markets.
  • Recall that Sber analysts previously gave forecasts for the growth of IPO market activity in Russia in 2022. According to representatives of financial organizations, many bank clients are also thinking about entering the stock exchange.

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Against the background of the projected increase in the number of listings of domestic companies, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is considering the introduction of restrictions that will reduce the possibility of manipulation by Russia in the IPO market.


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