Illegal miners in Russia threatened …

Illegal miners in Russia threatened … post thumbnail image

Representatives of the initiative did not specify exactly what requirements crypto community participants would accept.

Russian miners illegally connected to the power grid can be jailed. Deputy State Duma Andrei Lugovoi shared this opinion with

  • Politicians draw attention to the fact that miners must seek permission from electrical engineers before connecting to the power grid. In case of refusal, if a market participant still supplies the device from the network, he will violate administrative and criminal law. Such miners, according to the deputy, “should be planted.”
  • In 2021, electrical engineers face the problem of connecting members of the crypto community who are mining cryptocurrencies to the network for household needs. From a legal standpoint, miners engage in commercial activities, which means they are subject to increased rates. Guided by such statements, the Irkutskenergosbyt team has won several lawsuits against members of the crypto community.
  • Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets, also shared his opinion on the situation of miners in the Russian Federation with the publication. He assessed that the state should not provide assistance to miners. The politician explained his view by the fact that the activities of these market participants, in his opinion, had no social significance.
  • It is noteworthy that earlier the State Duma decided to create a working group to legalize cryptocurrency mining. His team, among other things, will be involved in establishing rules for collecting taxes from participants in the crypto community.

While the State Duma is discussing regulation of the cryptocurrency mining industry, oil entrepreneurs are exploring the possibility of mining in the field.

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