Telegram will be the most popular tool …

Telegram will be the most popular tool … post thumbnail image

Analysts draw attention to the fact that the abilities of the messenger help scammers to earn money.

Attackers focused on stealing money from financial institution clients are actively using Telegram bots and buying phishing frameworks. Group-IB analysts came to such a conclusion, as part of a market analysis, in their research “The big jackpot: a threat to financial organizations” (material available at the editorial office of Bloomchain).

  • Experts draw attention to the main trends in the work of fraudsters. They found that cybercriminals were less likely to use Trojans for PCs (malicious software for personal computers). According to Group-IB, the tool is still in demand only in Latin America. At the same time, Trojans for Android devices are still popular.
  • Analysts managed to find out that scammers are actively using bots on Telegram. They use software to retrieve data from financial institution clients. Group-IB believes that Telegram will be the most popular tool for fraudsters in the future.
  • Also, cybercriminals are actively using phishing frameworks. At the same time, Group-IB draws attention to the fact that scammers prefer to buy it rather than develop it themselves.
  • Another trend noted by experts is the increase in the number of ransomware attacks. As part of the scheme, the fraudster penetrates a potential victim’s computer system and blocks her access to the network to demand a ransom.

We will recall, Kaspersky Who Calls analysts previously came to the conclusion that the bank’s customer-focused scammers have rebuilt their business for robots.

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