Scammers Targeted at Bank Customers …

Scammers Targeted at Bank Customers … post thumbnail image

The virtual assistant turned out to be one of the main tools of the attacker.

Fraudsters are 35 times more likely than in early 2021 to use robotic powers to contact potential victims and steal their money. Izvestia writes about this with reference to the results of a study by Kaspersky Who Calls.

  • Fraudsters use robots to mimic the voice assistants of financial institutions. This approach, according to analysts, allows attackers to achieve a number of goals. In particular, the researchers drew attention to the fact that bank customers tend to trust robots, because they have repeatedly encountered voice assistants from financial institutions.
  • In addition, process automation allows fraudsters to significantly speed up the pace of work and reduce organizational costs. Robots can reach more audiences than humans who have to call out potential victims. At the same time, the automated system does not need to pay.
  • Kaspersky Who Calls draws attention to the fact that the peak of fraudulent activity related to the use of voice assistants falls in November 2021. Market participants do not exclude that in the future the number of episodes associated with attempts to steal money from clients of financial institutions using robots will continue to grow.
  • Analysts draw attention to the fact that fraudsters often use hybrid schemes of work. For example, using robots, they remove those who don’t believe what virtual bank assistants tell them from potential victims. In the future, in order to speed up the process, clients of defrauded financial institutions are transferred to fake call centers.

We remind you, previously on the network there was information that the share of robots used by fraudsters reached 90%.

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