Scammers have used the Prime Minister’s Twitter…

Scammers have used the Prime Minister’s Twitter… post thumbnail image

Netizens noticed that the politician’s page had been hacked before.

The scammers used the Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attract potential victims to their projects. A screenshot of the cybercriminal’s publication appears on the network.

In their message, the scammers addressed microblog reader Narendra Modi with an announcement about the legalization of bitcoin in the country. In honor of this fictional event, the authorities allegedly launched a 500 BTC distribution. To take part in it, cybercriminals invite readers of the politician’s microblogging to follow the link. In fact, it leads to hacker platforms. Immediately after the publication of the message, the Prime Minister of the country can restore access to the microblog and delete the post.

As of December 13, 2021, 73.4 million people have followed Narendra Modi’s Twitter account. How many people suffered as a result of the fraudster’s actions is not known.

Netizens have noticed that this is not the first time hackers have used Narendra Modi’s Twitter account. For example, one of the intercepts of access to a politician’s microblog was recorded in December 2020.

The event was preceded by the publication of news that India wants to ban crypto payments and legalize crypto trading.

Time-tested scheme

Narendra Modi isn’t the only celebrity with a large audience to be hit by intruders. Hackers often use Twitter and other platforms to monetize gullible members of the crypto community.

One of the biggest incidents of celebrity microblog hacking was recorded in July 2020. Fraudsters managed to gain access to the Twitter accounts of a number of celebrities, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s biggest shareholder Bill Gates, entrepreneur Elon Musk, billionaire Warren Buffett and even former US President Barack Obama.

This time, the attackers also used cryptocurrencies to gain access to the microblogging reader’s money. Fraudsters announce on behalf of celebrities the launch of digital asset distribution. The message says that the user needs to send cryptocurrency to a specific address. In return, they were promised to transfer twice as many digital assets.

Screenshot of a scam tweet from Bill Gates’ page

According to Twitter representatives, scammers gained access to celebrity accounts after an attack on the computers of employees of the social network. At the same time, to simultaneously cover a large number of microblogs, attackers use automated posting platforms.

It should be noted that the wallets of scammers who managed to hack celebrity Twitter in the summer of 2020 are still active. The last operation on it, at the time of this writing, was registered about 5 hours ago.

Information about scammers crypto wallet activity. Source:

Remember, a month after the incident, a 17-year-old American was accused of hacking a celebrity’s Twitter account. According to media reports, in March 2021, the hacker received 3 years in prison.

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