VK CEO left the company after USM

VK CEO left the company after USM post thumbnail image

The new head of the Internet company will be Vladimir Kiriyenko, the media said.

General Director of the VK Group Boris Dobrodeyev decided to leave the Internet company, according to a press release. He will stop acting after the appointment of a new CEO.

Source: VK.

  • Dobrodeev left the Internet company after USM. As a reminder, yesterday Alisher Usmanov’s holding sold the shares of the owner of VK MF Technologies to the SOGAZ group. The reason is, USM mentions the need for development, including the telecommunications business and digital holding projects.

  • Boris Dobrodeev has been working on the social network VKontakte since 2013. He served as CEO of the Internet company in October 2016, and since 2018 began to represent the interests of Megafon and USM. Prior to joining the social network, he worked as head of the Internet asset management department at USM Advisors.

“I have many plans: return to USM to work with digital assets, including Russia’s AliExpress, and launch a global venture fund,” said the former CEO of VK Group.

  • Dobrodeyev resigned less than two months after the company rebranding.

  • The board of directors will soon appoint a new head of the Internet company. The company will most likely be led by Vladimir Kiriyenko, vice president of communications provider Rostelecom. This was reported by The Bell, citing two sources. Vladimir is 38 years old, his father was the first deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko. At Rostelecom, the younger Kiriyenko is involved in the company’s digital transformation and new development areas.

  • Rostelecom and VK declined to comment on information on media requests.

  • VK Group’s share price on the Moscow Exchange fell 6.8% on the news.

Source: Google Finance.

It was also discovered today that Gazprombank donated a 45% stake in MF Technologies as a contribution to the property of Gazprom-Media Holding. VK will remain an independent company and will develop its own digital ecosystem, a representative from Gazprom-Media told the media.

As a reminder, in November Sberbank closed a deal to sell a 36% stake in MF Technologies, the owner of VK, to Gazprombank.

Read also: joint venture losses of Sberbank and VK Group for 9 months increased by 28%.

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