The Twitter CEO position was taken by the “first outstanding engineer…

The Twitter CEO position was taken by the “first outstanding engineer… post thumbnail image

Developers removed Jack Dorsey as a crypto fan.

The position of CEO of social network Twitter is taken by the platform’s former CTO, Parag Agrawal. Information about this appeared in press releases, as well as microblogs of company representatives.

For the first time, information that Jack Dorsey intends to step down as CEO of Twitter was published on CNBC. Against the background of the news, the share price of the social network is currently increasing by 12.5%. Later, the information that Twitter will have a new CEO has been confirmed by the company.

Twitter stock chart. Source: MarketWatch

Blok notes that Parag Agrawal is well aware of all Twitter projects. The specialist has worked in the company for about 10 years. In his new position, Parag Agrawal said he would further develop the initiatives that have been carried out by Jack Dorsey. Likely, the new Twitter CEO, among other things, will support the company’s many crypto initiatives.

As a reminder, in September, the functionality for transfers to bitcoin appeared on the platform. The project team is also working to integrate tools for interacting with NFT on Twitter. Another area of ​​social network development has been the implementation of crypto, blockchain and decentralized technologies.

What you need to know about Twitter’s new CEO

CoinDesk decided to study Parag Agrawal’s experience and statements to understand what changes to expect for Twitter users. The following are 5 points that according to the publication market players need to pay attention to:

1. Parag Agrawal spearheaded Twitter’s initiative to create a decentralized protocol for social media.

He also oversees the Bluesky development team. Recall that experts were ordered to create tools for building decentralized social networks. Parag Agrawal also spearheaded Twitter’s crypto initiative. Under his leadership, the social network launched the transfer of digital assets.

2. Under Parag Agrawal’s control, Twitter switched to cloud-based services.

The changes helped the social network to increase bandwidth and speed up the platform significantly.

3. Parag Agrawal supports the ethical ideology of technological innovation.

The developer paid special attention to the influence of the tool on the perception of the content. For example, Parag Agrawal investigated an incident related to accusation Twitter algorithm in racism. The new CEO of the social network speaks out against discrimination against people at the program level.

4. The former CTO of Twitter made it quickly up the corporate ladder.

Parag Agrawal joined the social networking team in 2011. After 6 years, he became the technical director. The company called him Twitter’s first outstanding engineer.

5. Parag Agrawal rarely shares his thoughts with customers.

This is indicated by his microblog feed on Twitter. Jack Dorsey – on the contrary, willingly communicates with the Internet audience and is happy to inform subscribers about new projects of social networks.

We will remind you, earlier that Twitter CFO Ned Segal said that in the near future the company has no plans to buy cryptocurrencies.

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