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The highlight of our October pick.


Beginning: 5-6 October 2021.

Place: New York, The Greenhouse / online.

Access: from $995.

Financial services continue to evolve thanks to record fintech funding, new business models and the digital transformation of traditional companies. The massive forum from CB Insights returns after the pandemic, bringing together the industry’s most senior speakers to talk about the evolution of financial services, new technologies, markets, and threats.

The forum will open with a presentation by the head of blockchain analytics platform Chainalysis, Jonathan Levin, on digital assets and the prospects for financial institutions. Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz will again speak in a discussion format, but this time the conversation will not be with Elon Musk, but with the head of BitGo, Mike Belshe. On stage, they will be replaced by Revolut founder Nikolai Storonsky, who will continue to communicate in a free dialogue format with the moderators and audience. Also among the speakers: Stripe’s CFO Dhivya Suryadevara, Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz, Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking Leader Hari Murthy and many others. In addition to keynote speeches and seminars, forum participants will also receive exclusive research from CB Insights analysts and technical demonstrations from startups.


  • digital assets – a new frontier for financial institutions;

  • revolution in cross-border payments with stablecoins;

  • super app – what’s next?;

  • CBDC, stablecoins and the future of money.

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IT Bank Day 2021

Beginning: October 20, 2021.

Place: Moscow.

Access: 15,000 rubles.

The confrontation between traditional banks and fintech companies has been driving the development of market technology for a long time. Today, financial institutions are increasingly turning into a marketplace that offers customers a variety of digital products. The conference will focus on what strategies banks are currently choosing and on developing what technologies they are using.

Top managers of several Russian banks and IT companies will speak at the conference, for example: Andrey Zalmanov, director of IT architecture at Otkritie Bank, and Alexander Alexandrov, head of the Internet Bank department at VTB. Experts will discuss various issues, including effective valuation models and prospects for self-service technology development. As a reminder, VTB Bank decided to test the new office format without employees. People will be replaced with self-service devices where it is possible to get cards, apply for complex loan products, use video banking, and much more.


  • effective biometric solutions;

  • practical cases of effective IT and business solutions from modern banks;

  • digital transformation: implementation specificity in the banking sector;

  • artificial intelligence in banking IT solutions: voice, video, text analytics in business tasks. Real time analysis.

More information:

Conf Fintech & Future Online Banking

Beginning: October 20-21 2021 10:00 UTC.

Place: on line.

Access: Free.

This event will bring together representatives of government, large and medium-sized businesses, fintech companies on one platform to jointly discuss topical issues regarding the development of digital financial markets. At online conferences, you can ask speakers questions, visit virtual exhibitions of the latest technologies and solutions with video presentations, get individual advice on exciting opportunities for digital transformation.

More than 50 speakers from leading fintech companies will share experiences and answer questions. The list of speakers is still being worked out, but the April conference was attended by experts such as the head of the chat channel and chatbots development department at Raiffeisenbank Ilya Shchirov, MegaFon cybersecurity product expert Alexander Mitusov, Talkbank founder Mikhail Popov and many others.


  • big data in action;

  • the evolution of artificial intelligence;

  • approaches to creating new quality payment services;

  • Digital transformation trends and anti-crisis thinking.

More information:

VBA-2021 “Digital evolution in finance”

Beginning: 21-22 October 2021, 10:00 UTC.

Place: Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel, pl. Europe, 2.

Access: 24,000 rubles / free for representatives of banks and other financial companies.

The WBA-2021 Forum will bring together leading developers and the most popular technology solutions for banks and financial companies. The forum’s business fairs and programs will cover almost all of the most important areas of technology use in finance – from IT infrastructure development and business digital transformation to the use of innovative technologies.

Within the framework of the conference to be held at the forum, reports will be presented by managers, leading experts and developers from banks, financial and IT companies, and during discussions and roundtables there will be active discussions of the most pressing issues and trends of information technology development in the financial sector. .. The forum program is in the process of being formed.


  • SBP: new opportunities for the development of modern payment services;

  • the practice of using Big Data, AI, Open API, robotization, and blockchain in the financial sector;

  • digital platforms, markets and ecosystems. Foresight;

  • modern front office: RBS, branch, self-service network, contact center, chat bot, instant messenger and other tools for working with clients.

More information:

Blockchain Life 2021

Beginning: 27-28 October 2021 10:00 UTC.

Place: Moscow, Music Media Dome, Entuziastov boulevard, 5s2 building.

Access: from 10,890 rubles.

Blockchain Life 2021 is one of the most important and most visited forums in blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining. Among the forum participants: heads of international companies from the crypto industry, business owners who can talk about implementing blockchain solutions, startup creators, miners, blockchain developers and representatives of regulators.

One of the speakers on the first day of the forum will be Binance Russia Head Gleb Kostarev, who will talk about the gaming industry in the cryptosphere and the development of the GameFi segment. Recall that the segment was formed in decentralized finance not so long ago. The most famous representative of the blockchain project on GameFi is the game Axie Infinity. In September, the volume of transactions on the platform exceeded $ 1 billion, and the number of users – 1 million Most thanks to Axie Infinity, the NFT market passed the DeFi protocol in terms of the amount of gas consumed on the Ethereum network. By the way, non-exchangeable tokens will also not be spared: calligrapher artist Pokras Lampas and Netflix senior software engineer Tejas Chopra will talk about the opportunities to earn and the prospects for using this technology.


  • blockchain in banking. digital ruble;

  • advice, tools and recommendations of leading Russian and world traders;

  • exodus of miners from China. Consequences and prospects.;

  • key features of a successful crypto startup.

More information:

Insurance Market Leaders Forum (InsFuture2021)

Beginning: October 28, 2021 10:00 UTC.

Place: Moscow, World Trade Center (WTC), Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 12.

Access: paid, information is available after registration.

The forum will be attended by representatives from major insurance regulators, as well as heads of banks, medical institutions, IT and service companies working with insurance organizations. Experts will talk about how the regulations, strategies and tactics of market leaders, insurance products and business models will change in the face of market transformations and pandemic realities.

Topics of discussion cover the future of markets, aggregators and ecosystems in the insurance market. One of the speakers was Ivan Chebeskov, Director of the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Financial Policy. Specialists believe that state banks are spending too much money on non-core assets and ecosystem development. According to him, the regulator intends to increase the volume of net profit used by state banks to pay dividends from 50 percent to 75 percent.


  • plan regulators and major players in the insurance market;

  • digitization and new distribution channels: clinics, IT giants, banks, aggregators, markets and ecosystems;

  • innovation for insurance companies: new adaptive products and services;

  • investment attractiveness of insurance and insurance companies in Russia.

More information:

Remote & Digital 2021

Beginning: 28-29 October 2021 10:00 UTC.

Place: Moscow, Digital business space (CDP), st. Pokrovka, 47.

Access: from 3500 rubles.

Distant & Digital 2021 is an international education conference that will bring together experts in the creative industry, intellectual property, and practicing lawyers on one platform. The conference feature will be an emphasis on successful and most unexpected collaboration experiences that give rise to new markets and high-tech industries. What legal regulations does Big Data need? What is NFT token – hype or new economy? Does creative expression have legal limits? More than 200 experts from 20 countries will discuss these and many other issues.

One of the speakers was Anton Pronin, Director of Legal Technology Development at the Skolkovo Foundation. At the conference, he will speak about the new business principles that have emerged in response to the pandemic. “Our partners have prepared practical recommendations on how to change their company’s business model to be competitive in the new environment, increase the value of creative products and ultimately move the legal industry from the conservative category to high technology.”


  • legal issues of creative “appropriation” of territory: street art, public art, actism, etc.;

  • business solution cloning. How to protect against leaks of ideas and prevent their illegal use;

  • intellectual property as an investment asset;

  • Network gaming and e-sports: private and public legal regulatory efforts.

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