Finance and technology: the main event …

Finance and technology: the main event … post thumbnail image

The December Bloomchain digest collects key events on digitization, investing and fintech – online and offline.

Online conference

During online streaming, we’ll be flipping fintech companies and seeing where they’re not fun to watch. We will analyze incident management issues into their components and understand how to optimize processes. Let’s answer the question: why is it important in SDL to cover not only classic SQLi, XSS, etc. vulnerabilities, but also vulnerabilities that cause financial loss. Only hands-on experience, specific examples, and personal revelation from experts have filled the many opportunities waiting for you.

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December 4 – Eurasian Congress


The main event of the event was the plenary session “Economic pragmatism and mutual benefit as a basis for the economic integration of Eurasia”, to which the heads of government of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were invited. . In addition, within the framework of the congress, several panel discussions on various aspects of Eurasian economic integration are planned.

Place: Moscow, World Trade Center (WTC)

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December 8-11 – Decentralized Economy Global Summit

Online Summit

The Decentralized Economy Global Summit is a four-day summit with the participation of more than 50 world speakers who will share their knowledge on DeFi, DAO, NFT, mining, crypto processing, talk about 2020 results in decentralized financial markets and reveal their predictions regarding the growing market. hurry this for next year. …

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December 8-11 – International Business Week 2020

Online and offline

The business program will be devoted to the economy as a whole, as well as the topics of SCO and BRICS countries SMEs, tourism and exports. International Business Week 2020 will be a platform for best practice collaboration and the development of new mechanisms to support entrepreneurs in the post-pandemic era in four days.

Place: Ufa

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December 9 – Corporate Innovation Day: Product and Process Innovation

On line

On December 9, IIDF held an online conference where it will analyze the demands of companies in the process of introducing innovation and working with startups and show how you can evaluate the effects of introducing internal and external innovations on a company.

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Dec 10 – Straight from Silicon Valley: Who Will Win the Tech War?

On line

Classic companies, new tech giants, fast-growing startups. Business and innovation experts and visionaries from Silicon Valley will take part in the discussion on this topic. The president of the ITECO group of companies will contact them from the New Year’s studio.

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December 11 – Time for Innovation 2020


Forum and ceremony for awarding winners of the Tenth Annual Prize “Time for Innovation-2020”. This award has been given since 2011 for projects and best practices for the implementation, development and development of innovations in various fields. The winner of the Time for Innovation Prize is a leading Russian economy who understands the importance of innovation and defines innovation as a priority strategy and business model.

Place: Sochi, Marriott Krasnaya Polyana

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December 15 – Fintech 2020

Online and offline

The IV international conference on digital transformation of the new financial economy and technology “Fintech ONLINE”, organized by the business publication Vedomosti, annually brings together representatives of governments, large and medium-sized businesses, as well as fintech companies to jointly discuss initiatives and projects for the development of digital financial markets . The conference is attended by opinion leaders, CEOs of the biggest companies on the market, as well as major news makers.

Place: Moscow, InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya

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